Friday, December 12, 2008

Atenas Indonesia Scandal

Two university students from Bandung filming themselves
having sex in a Jakarta hotel. It was back in July 2001
that Bandung National Institute of Technology (Itenas)
student Adi Amed (then 20) and his girlfriend Nanda
(then 19), a communications student at Bandung’s Padjadjaran
University, decided to film themselves making love in various

The occasion for celebration was the 23rd month of their
relationship. The film shows the couple involved in various
sexual acts on a sofa, a bed, in a bathtub and on a toilet.
Film critics commented that Nanda was clearly the star
performer – often taking the initiative – while Amed at times
seemed to be uncertain of what to do.

Several days after their steamy sex session, Amed took the
handycam film to a VCD rental store in Bandung and asked for
it to be transferred to disc. A staff member called Yayan
was happy to offer the duplication service for Rp40,000. He
also saved a copy of the 45-minute film for himself. He then
duplicated the copy seven times and passed the copies on to
his boss and friends.

Among those who ended up with copies were two men Hadi Darmanto
and Sri Rama. They reportedly titled the film Itenas and released
it on the black market. A single copy of the steamy skin flick
cost anywhere from Rp4,500 to Rp50,000 at shopping malls, markets
and universities. By September 2001 it had become the most widely
copied and talked about porno VCD in Indonesia.

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